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Quality is what Metro Pavers Inc. believes to be the backbone of customer service. We stand behind our work, which has proved to be successful for over 40 years in the business. Boasting many repeat, satisfied and loyal customers throughout the greater Denver Metro area, we strive to offer asphalt and concrete paving solutions that meet the specific needs of each city or commercial customer. Below are several testimonials from our satisfied customers!

Randy, Resident

"As easy as it is to complain, I wanted to take a minute to be sure that you are aware that the MPI drivers I witnessed today represent your company well. Their driving actions were courteous to the residents of the neighborhood and safe to other drivers... I'm a certified defensive driving instructor so I notice these things. I actually stopped and thanked the drivers myself and, humbly, they acted like it was no big deal. I asked if they have safety training and they told me, yes, every month. I can tell you that they must listen and, more importantly, then practice the skills they are taught. My compliments to your company, the trainers and the employees."

Jules Tomasi, Georgetown Road and Bridge Department

"The patch at 1600 Main St. is beautiful, thanks for your excellent work Metro Pavers, Inc. Best restoration work I have seen performed by Xcel restoration contractors."

Bear Cronin, Customer

"I have been using Metro Pavers Inc. for over 20 years. They always have great service as well as great prices!"

John Scales

"I just wanted to pass along that Hugo and his crew were terrific to work with. I personally witnessed the crew's willingness to assist several of our residents by moving Metro vehicles/equipment that was in the resident's way. Several other residents have told me they thought the Metro crew was extremely gracious and accommodating.

We currently have another contractor onsite working on another project for the HOA, and they also told me Hugo was terrific to work with and he was very willing to coordinate with them.

Thank you for the great service and work Hugo and his crew provided Hanover Place!"

John Scales

"I do not usually send out emails of complements but in this case I find it very necessary. The three employees that you sent to our property on Property on Friday and Saturday to repair our asphalt were extraordinary. They were one of the best teams I have seen in my many years of working on projects or in my 26 years of owning my own company. They spoke highly of you and your company! They explained about the variety of jobs that your company could do, I could not believe the dedication to the project and your company. They made my job explaining to the home owners in the association much easier because of the total updates.Any future projects that we have I will include you in the bidding process and I have no problem in recommending your company to other people and companies that I come in contact with.

Thank you for a job well done."

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